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Thursday, July 3, 2014

My "I Love You More Quilt"

Happy Thursday!   

Long Time No Blog.......Yes, I confess.. it's been way too long for no blogging.. But, if you read below - you might just understand, when one gets consumed by a  major PROJECT; sometimes, that takes priority.

My project: Learning to Quilt

The Reason: A birthday gift for my beloved 91 year old Mom; which I re-named, " I Love You More" Quilt!

I become enamored with quilting this past winter after discovering the Missouri Star Quilt Company’s version of  The Love Notes Quilt

This is a smaller version of the You've Got Mail Layer Cake Quilt

I was searching for inspiration to create a 91st birthday gift for my Mom; and this was it! You see, my Mom has written to me every week all my life. This was my own interpretation of my Love Notes to her, which I have named, “ I Love You More Quilt”.  You see, everynight, we close our conversation on the phone, with many I love you's, but she always says, "I love you more. Mom taught me how to sew when I was young; and many MANY years later, I am back at; expanding into Quilting!

I Love You More Quilt

My new Creation, used subtle pastel old roses romantic rosebud materials with soft solids to offset each letter block. The entire quilt speaks of a David Austen Rose Bouquet. 

One of the Materials purchased at a wonderful quilt store in Purceville, VA
Ask for Carly, the owner! But, truly in fact, ANYONE in the store was magnificently helpful!

This love notes quilt, aka a version of "You’ve Got Mail" Quilt  has taken on new meaning to me. My Mom never used a computer, but wrote numerous hand written letters, notes and card to myself, and her many friends and family all her life. The art of writing letters was her creative spark; utilizing lovely writing papers with creative stamps and stickers; including inspiring calendar quips, notes, prayers and daily inspirations. She kept the post office in business on her own stamp purchases! 

Since she has retired from writing, we have replaced it with numerous phone calls with daily regularity. Each night, she says goodnight with “ I love You More", as only a mother can utter.  So the real love letters that I am returning to her is incorporated with the adventures of this one of a kind “Learning to quilt” for me. The quilt incorporates special embroidery, tiny little hearts and love stampings throughout. 

The Romantic Blues

What has quilting taught me? It is a lesson in creative expressiveness; incorporating as many varieties of glorious fabrics that speak to me. It’s my way of creating a zen-ful garden in a quilt creation. 

Major lesson: It has taught me the new meaning of perfect. Perfect, as is beauty, “Is in the eye of the Beholder”.

Deeper learning: Perfect is the toleration of the “imperfectness” of quilting. Quilting sets you’re perfectionism state free.

How do you deal with your perfectionist state? Are you able to shake it free sometime? What do you do to realize that happiness is the path and reaching perfection; one is already there?  I'd love to hear! 



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  1. I adore your quilt, your reason for making it and your lessons learned! I hope we can get together again to share some Zen!