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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lotus Manatra Meditation with Saving Lotus

Lotus Meditation Mantras with Saving Lotus

Recently, I participated in a  21-day Mantra Meditation Journey with Deva Premal & Mitten.

This program has been amazing. It has renewed my spirit each morning following these mantras. I so love it; and will be a committed follower. What these Mantras provide are the reminders to further develop our essential being with trust and compassion from the heart.
One mantra which spoke to my heart and station in life is “The Jewel in the Lotus”  OM MANI PADME HUM. Praise to the Jewel in the Lotus.  

Lotus has many meanings derived. One is such that The lotus flower has a symbolic meaning which represents being pure in one's spirits.” There is an ancient connection to the Lotus for us all. Little did I know, I would, during this program rediscover the compassion's of adoption.

The Story of  Adoption and Saving Lotus
Loudoun County Public Library  in association with The Loudoun County Animal Shelter held a wonderful "Story Time Program" called, "LCAS Cats Have "Character".

I'm Available for Adoption

With support from the Loudoun County Public Library, the Loudoun County Animal Shelter  hosted a story time in the Cat Adoption area of the Animal Shelter throughout September. The Shelter is located in Waterford, VA   see: The LCAS and all of their “Literary Cats” were celebrating National Library Month in September. Throughout the month of September; LCAS named shelter cats after literary story book characters!

My own cat curiosities  lead me to various links leading from the library to the shelter to  felines awaiting a new home. I initially wondered what books were being read and how many kitties has new names! And there, I found myself at the shelter, and I found Lotus.

Meeting my new Adoption

Meet Lotus. He is believed to be an “Abyssinian Gold” feline, approximately 4 years old. Yes, he does have a Ginger spice kitty look too... Lotus was recently surrendered at the shelter which he has resided at for a month long captivity. Lotus just could not fit in it seemed after his first family brought home other kitty’s to Lotus home. So; he got the boot; after a year... Now, I say... heck- Not fair- as he was there first. I’d be annoyed too. However…. His surrender worked to his benefit in finding his new owner, me. Nothing is random I believe. We spent a few hours every other day I could visit for a week; and bonded instantaneously. I knew immediately it was time to rescue Lotus; and provide for him a new chance on life.  

My New Home on the Frisee Carpet - What an upgrade!

It has been almost a week in his new digs. He is a lovely outgoing boy; very friendly; chatty and accepting without question = forgiveness. His feline temperament has somehow weathered yet another placement.

I wondered.... Would I be able to be so forgiving and accepting if returned to sender more than once? Can we forgive those imperfections either real or perceived by other humans? Lotus has innate living in the present without question and bitterness. He is not caught up in the past; and lives in the present. He went from a shelter cage to a private home; with the personality of acceptance and love, period.


So, now, he joins me in each morning Mantra; nestled in the middle space of my crossed leg Lotus position, purring away. He is not antsy or deterred. He sits for as long as I wish to enjoy the morning meditations and bonding. I now think; that the Lotus meditations of compassion has once again enlightened my awareness of more compassion and mercy’s to all sentient beings.

Lotus, the pink variety with leather pink nose and pink pads
LCAS had many kitten for adoption, but also many surrendered adult cats. If you are considering a new kitty/cat or pet; please consider adoption first – There are many reasons for animals living at the shelter. You; yes YOU may be able to discover a new beginning with a new special sentient being in animal form. Give it a go.

Did you know that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month ?  Save a life.. if you can.

See more at:
Please visit LCAS if you’re in this area. Please become aware of your local shelters that are the safe havens for all.  Compassions need to continue forward in all of our lives… It makes the world worthy of living it in. 
Little did I realize that “follow the link" would lead me to Saving Lotus.
Seriously; he is more than likely saving me.  Namaste

The Quality of mercy
Is twice bless’d;
It blesseth him that gives, and him that takes;
“Tis mightiest in the mightiest; it becomes
The Throned monarch better than the crown.
                                                             From the Merchant of Venice



  1. Ellen, this is beautiful. I can't believe how quickly you have enriched each other's lives, but am not surprised. Excited to visit, soon!

  2. Hi Ellen, I love your story and photos of Lotus. He looks very content, thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Angie, Loudoun County Animal Shelter gave him the "SHELTER" he needed until I could find him to rescue. I am most appreciative of the great care that is given to him, and the compassions that everyone afforded to Lotus during his brief stay back with you all. I hope to highlight more of pets very soon. They truly have a tale and a tail to tell. Your help with Lotus' adoption was outstanding. Thank you kindly once again. More pet beds in the making! :) Its a fun task and I am enrolling a kindergarden teacher with her students to create some for the shelter I hope! :) Namaste.